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Got Google Tracking Code? Is it tracking all your pages though?

Quick Tip: Scan your website for FREE to check your GA tracking

We have come across this great tip which can help you to check that your site and all of the pages in your site are set up correctly with Google Analytics.

The Offer provides a scan of the 1st 100 pages for free and after that you would have to pay for the service. But that is a service well worth it if you want to make sure your site is tracking correctly in Google Analytics.

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PadiTrack – The FREE conversion funnel tool

Free conversion funnel tracking with Google Analytics data for your site.

We have a great new FREE service to share with you, it is called PadiTrack a new product from the company PadiCode.

This new service PadiTrack, is a free tool, which allows any Google Analytics (GA) User to set up and track their current and historical GA data into visual conversion funnels and goals.

The way this works is brilliant, in that PadiTrack is an approved Google Application, so all you need to do is agree that Google and PadiTrack can ‘handshake’ and share data on your behalf. No need for more java snippets or code! This makes PadiTrack even more accessible and really easy to implement.

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