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Practical Strategies for retaining your customers

Recently Integrati Marketing have been in discussions with Adam Ramshaw from Genroe about the importance of looking after your existing customers in these difficult economic times. Customer loyalty is a fundamental driver of profitability and importantly it does not matter what size your business is. All businesses can implement strategies to improve customer satisfaction. And given the experience of 2009 with the Global Financial Crisis for everyone in business this guest post from Genroe should be of interest to your business. So, for 2010, think how implementing some of Adam’s customer experience strategies in the article below may help your businesses.

Guest Post by Adam Ramshaw from Genroe, customer experience consulting.

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Lead Management: What is it and do you manage your leads?

Lead Management

Lead Management is simply creating a business process to understand where your leads are generated from (marketing activity, Social 2.0, Sales etc.), and ascertain how valuable the lead(s) may be to your business and allow the prioritisation of these leads to be ‘worked’ by your sales team to sell more ‘stuff’ to your customers.

By creating a process to rank and measure leads your business (regardless of size) is optimising the investment in activities which drive new business to you. By being able to measure where the ‘hottest’ leads come from and ascertaining how much it cost to generate a lead you will be able to produce Return on Investment (RoI) on your businesses leads process.

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Introduction: Welcome to the Integrati Marketing Blog for Small Medium Business.

Hello World, and welcome to Integrati Marketing!

Integrati Marketing is a new marketing consultancy which has been launched to address a need in the Australian professional services market for businesses that require marketing expertise on-demand or on fixed retainer.

We provide the expertise for enterprise to be able to outsource specialist skills to develop your marketing activities and drive existing and new business leads to your sales teams or premise.

We specialise in:

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