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WoM: it’s Australian!

Word of Mouth marketing or WoM is an Australian first…

Well believe it or not Word of Mouth Marketing is believed to have originated in Australia in the early 1980’s!


Word of Mouth (WoM) is defined as passing information from person to person with no intermediary or media channel delivering the message, such as a newspaper advertisement. Or you could say it is the most trusted form of business recommendation or the most trusted advice not to choose a business, it works both ways.

A blog like Integrati Marketing can be considered a WoM opportunity for a business and can drive new customers to the business. But there is a key caveat with WoM – your business has to have great products and services to be endorsed by a trusted friend, family or associate.

Even more important, unlike traditional marketing media where the business controls the message in the advertisement, brochure or on the website with WoM you do not have that control at all. This is of course talking about person to person WoM, not on blogs which can actually be “cash for comment” by bloggers.

Word of Mouth has gone through a renaissance of sorts since the fragmentation of media started in the early 1990’s and the reduced importance of Mass Media such as TV and newspapers.

Today, communications options are far greater and new direct channels such as email, websites and blogs exist. These are defined as 1 to 1 or direct marketing media. The WWW is an example of a Direct Channel where people have a 1-to-1 engagement with websites and interact with the information, even creating their own through ‘user generated media’ or blogs like this.

The important issue for business is to be aware of the new effects of eWoM, where customers can discuss your products and service delivery quickly and now with Twitter real-time! These discussions via eWoM on Social Networks and in blogs can be critical to your existing and future potential customers perceptions of your business.

It is important to be aware of just how easy it is to create positive or negative reviews, posts and tweets about your business! And because this media is so open and accessible it means your business needs to take into account what people are saying about your business and your services.

Research companies are now starting to tap into the power of Social Networks to monitor brand perceptions and use this to enhance or repair a company’s brand.

So, are you aware of what your customers are saying about your brand?

Think about this the next time you have a challenging experience with a customer or a brilliant customer service moment.

Till next time, The Integrati team.