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The premier market management service for your business.

Integrati Marketing’s Market Manager is a strategic planning service to maintain and build your business with proven integrated marketing solutions that drive revenue.

What is the Market Manager Service?

You have successfully grown your business but now you’re looking to maintain your market position and grow in new areas. The Integrati Marketing Market Manager is a service designed for businesses like yours.

Integrati Marketing provides a programme of integrated marketing tools that maintain your business whilst opening up new opportunities for growth which will take your business to the next phase in the business life cycle.

The Integrati Marketing Market Manager Service is here for you to do exactly that, manage your business marketing by creating a long term plan of unique marketing activity for your business. We will meet with your business to review you businesses strategy, current objectives and review your businesses long term goals.

We do this by engaging you with our Six Step process to identify how we can work with you to grow your business.

Integrati Marketing’s Market Manager Overview

We make this work by using a known combination of integrated marketing communications which will give you the best results for your marketing investment.

Each Market Manager service we undertake with our client is a long term commitment to deliver a strategic marketing plan with supporting marketing communications to grow your business. This is an on-going programme of marketing works customised to your business. We work to a set fee which we agree upfront with all the known costs.

We have a marketing project methodology we work to so that you and your business are kept up-to-date on the Market Manager progress. This way, we deliver to our project milestones and ultimately deliver the planned communications on budget, on time and to the best quality.

Your business will receive an in-depth marketing audit and customised marketing programme designed to meet your existing needs and to drive your business forward into new areas of opportunity and growth.

How it works?

We will work with you and your team to create the Market Manager Marketing Strategy and Plan that assesses your business current needs. We then look at how we can deliver on-going marketing activities with your marketing investment to engage your customers and further build your business. We regularly review the plan, up-date and align with refreshed objectives and campaigns which focus on your businesses long term goals.

Market Manager Benefits

100% Customised, to your businesses needs now and as we progress with the Market Manager services offer

  • Customised to your businesses needs now and as we progress
  • Closed loop, we work with your business to build a full view of your customers
  • On-going guaranteed marketing activity
  • Build an ongoing conversation with your most valuable customers
  • Have regular marketing offers in your market
  • Gain customer insight and use this to improve your business
  • We bill your at agreed intervals so you have all the known costs up front
  • Complete reporting for the programme
  • Complete marketing project management end-to-end

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