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Writing great content with help from Inbound Writer

Let’s be clear, there is no ‘secret’ to writing copy that drives great website engagement plus high levels of traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are literally millions of websites and SEO Guru’s that suggest they have the ‘secret recipe’ and that by engaging these so called Guru’s your site or a page in your site will hit pay dirt by being at the top of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) .

Google has over 200 ‘Signals’ which they use to rank content. The only way to write content that will work for your site is by writing content first and foremost for your audience and write about things that are helpful, easy to understand and most importantly helpful!

That is some of the best SEO content writing advice you can get for you and your business or employer.

Oh, and writing in Plain English aimed at high school level will help too!


Whilst we now know and remember, we should write for our audience first, we can also use some concepts and tools to also help us potentially improve our content further.

But, importantly this is not to degrade the article by ‘stuffing’ in Keywords or Terms.

This example of web content was written by using several free online SEO and Google tools as well as a new marketing cloud service called Inbound Writer.

Let’s get into a fight!

The first thing we checked before we started this article was “who we are picking a fight with“. That sounds pretty terrible doesn’t it.

Believe me it actually is not a bad idea.

Recently I read Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson which in the chapter titled Pick a fight advises you should choose a competitor that you want to target as you believe your have a better product or service etc.

If you think a competitor sucks say so… Taking a stand always stands out

But I added a wee twist to this.

I have been targeting some top ranked Australian Marketing sites since I started Integrati Marketing.

I don’t necessarily think that everything they do is bad but I think there integrated marketing strategies and their website executions suck.

And with Jason and Davids advice on board plus my twist, I targeted three Australian Marketing sites that all suggest they have great content writing, creative writing, organic SEO skill, that will help your business get ranked and outperform the competition blah blah!

Do these top Australian Marketing sites really help you?

But they really don’t provide any practical marketing help or insight on the doing!

And marketing is all about the doing otherwise it is all hot air… or paid for consultancy hot air!

Marketing help – We’re here to help you!

So as we promise to hep you here is some expansion on a service we reviewed a few months back here on our blog known as WooRank and combining this with Inbound Writer to help you with your content.

With a couple of clicks and a WooRank of the competition site by “Site Reviewing” the competition we had 3 target websites to benchmark our SEO content for this articles optimised content.

Let’s show you guys how you can use these tools to help your site and content work harder for you!

Now we have a target list of websites and their competition which we can then compare the content writing on their sites to the article we are writing.

Inbound Writer let’s us add 3 websites to the new document we are dynamically creating in Inbound Writer which helps us as SEO Copywriters.

Next we add in Focus Terms of what we will be writing about in our article.

I have used very generic terms as this article is for learning outcomes not to boost our SEO… we’re actually more interested in sharing this new marketing cloud service with you!

Then we add in the 3 target websites just so…

So that is our methodology to start with, but the first rule always still applies write for your audience.

Next, Inbound Writer heads off to the web and starts analysing over 35 different sites and also your target sites for either target content or who you have defined as competition for the article your writing.

When Inbound Writer has finished, you will be presented with what looks and is an online editing tool that you can start to write your articles content into.

The team at Inbound Writer allow you to write up to 8 articles a month which we also think is pretty cool. Then you can go to work on your article and start writing.

As we have done with our ‘live article’ here, which is a creative writing process in itself, for this blog post about content writing with Inbound Writer.

Write and learn

Now you can write a document prior starting the Inbound Writer process or you can write one in the editor as you go which I have done here to show you some tips and I guess “How to’s”.

When we first started the article Inbound Writer presented us with this information about our document as we had no content.

But it does have all the information we have aggregated from our Focus Terms and the Sites we added in.

So with this information I can now target Keywords and Focus Terms.

Here comes the dynamic Content Writing assistance

The “Document Tips” and “Relevant Terms” is the information which has been assessed by Inbound Writer and presented to us in the editor.

So as we write we can now start to weave into the copy to improve our SEO content with helpful keywords and for our organic SEO in our web content strategy.

As we build up the content Inbound Writer let’s us know how we are going and gives us Document Tips and also an overall Document Score.

So, after we had been writing for a while we started to get document advice and assistance from Inbound Writer which is really helpful.

This helps us check we are on track, you can also highlight your Focus Terms and Keywords in the document and see the changes real-time.

Even better as the content builds out you get even more helpful advice from Inbound Writer to improve the new document with Document Tips.

More than one SEO Content Strategy?

Also we can choose different strategies which we can employ with the Inbound Writer content writer.

The SEO Content, Keyword and optimised content can be targeted with different weightings by selecting a distinct strategy such as; Balanced Strategy, Maximizing Search Strategy and Minimize Search Competition.

There are 2 more strategies of Maximise Social Strategy and Custom Strategy but the team at Inbound Writer are still working on these.



As you write you can keep highlighting the Relevant Terms and Focus Terms which your have decided your document should be targeting.

But this does not change the rules of writing to the audience and making sure your writing in Plain English!

Does this help you?

Hopefully you will find this article of interest and maybe you will even give Inbound Writer a go and try our strategy or even better your own.

By the way we have no association with Inbound Writer or Referral Tracking on our site to them, we just thought that you might like to try it for yourself.


If you do need any help with your site and would likes my assistance with SEO or rather Search Engine Optimization without the marketing puffery we are happy to help.

We love to talk marketing, but we love making it real even more!

Author: Clinton Mancer