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You can now follow Integrati Marketing on Twitter.

Twitter is all the rage around the world and of course here in Australia.

Advertisers and Marketers love Twitter as people who are interested in what you do, sell, or say in 140 characters or less ‘follow you’ as, well a, ‘follower’. It is the mass SMS text tool of the web 2.0 allowing a global social networking audience with the opportunity to read your tweets by the billions!

We love Twitter at Integrati Marketing, as we follow Tweeters that we believe are really important to integrated marketing communications, like new online resources, bloggers, new technology events and fun stuff.

Even better when we have something to say we let our followers know what is new with us with a Tweet.

So, IntegratiDirect is our Twitter name and you can find our Twitter feed here at We have a few followers already!

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