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Planning for marketing success, get tactical!

Planning for marketing success, get the tactical marketing plan!

Recently we were asked by a client about a way to organise a couple of activities they had on the go with their marketing efforts. This was outside their planning time and they did not want to write up a full marketing plan.

After an initial discussion we suggested that they use a Tactical Marketing Plan. Luckily we ourselves have used these for years when planning marketing activities – reason being planning works.

In the spirit of sharing we have added the template to our Free Resources section on the Integrati marketing website.

You will find that we have created the guide on writing you own Tactical Marketing Plan on the site and we have expanded the sections to help you get started.

  • Planning/Objectives
  • What’s the Message?
  • What do you want your customer to do?
  • How does the activity work? What do you need to do to support the activity?
  • The time-line
  • Your businesses budget
  • Legal
  • Outcomes

We have a version of the template available as a Word document and the link is on the page as well as a version loaded to Scribd so you can preview the template and download the tactical marketing plan from Scribd if you like.

As always your feedback will be highly regarded and if we can help you at all with your marketing planning let us know!