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Getting customer satisfaction.

Getting customer satisfaction.

With KISSinsights.

We have been watching a company for a few months now which has been developing a new Analytics product that is set to take on Google Analytics.

The guys are called KISSMetrics and they have their solution available in private beta, so as yet it is not publicly available. The word is that it is very powerful and quite a leap forward compared to Google Analytics – sounds good! You can have a look at the beta site here.

Well KISSMetrics have also recently released a new website Customer Satisfaction measurement tool (KISSinsights) which is in open free beta. We are currently trialling this on the site, it is set to only pop-up once and just asks, “Would you miss this site if it were not available?” Of course we hope most uses would miss us if we were not but the test will help us decide if we should invest in the product or not.

But the key thing for us at Integrati marketing is getting insight from our customers and prospects about what they like and don’t like. This is a fundamental part of our marketing and proposition when we work with our clients.

If you have a site and are experiencing great traffic but high Bounce Rates/Low Page Reads (people don’t stay long) then maybe asking your customers what they are interested in will help you write more relevant content which will build more loyal users and no doubt increase leads and sales the longer they are on your site.

Either way the only way to find out if your sites customers are getting satisfaction with your site is to measure it so give it a go! Try the free beta of KISSMetrics here.