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Should You Bother With Facebook Marketing?

Guest post by Evelyn Fielding from

Integrati Marketing and Mazero have been working together in both the Corporate world and now in Marketing Services for online Consulting.

Evelyn and the Team at have great insight for medium sized enterprises about effective online strategies to drive new business to your online assets.

Recently I was talking with Said Sarlak, Marketing Principal at about all things Search Engine Optimisation and we got to talking about Facebook.

Said shared this post with me on the Mazero Blog from Evelyn Fielding.

It is so insightful about how to start thinking about Facebook marketing that I asked if we could share this article here. So, please have a look, I think you will find this useful if your are thinking about how Facebook may fit into a potential marketing strategy or sales channel strategy for your business.

It might also help you understand a little more what the real opportunity may be over the ‘hype spruiked’ by so called Facebook Marketing Guru’s!

Everyone of the 10,000 Facebook marketing gurus tell you Facebook is the wave of the future. Each one has tips, strategies, advice, opinions, step-by-step action plans, and perhaps an email course to sell you for $195. Before you launch your Facebook marketing initiative, ask yourself some hard questions.

Question 1: Who’s going to do it?

You could have a static Facebook business page live on the Internet in about 17 minutes. To really “do” Facebook marketing, however, you need to think through strategies to optimize your presence, the look-and-feel of the page, dovetailing with current marketing channels, and continually updating the wall feed. Facebook isn’t “set it and forget it” marketing—it needs time and attention.

Either hire a Facebook marketing expert to get started and keep it going, or invest significant time in marketing that doesn’t immediately pay dividends. Even marketers with good plans and dedication wait six months or more to begin seeing real results.

Question 2: Why do Facebook marketing?

Ignore the statistic that says 500 million people use Facebook. Are your customers on Facebook, and are they active users? And, do they think of your product or service while networking about their dogs, kids, and jobs?

Active Facebook users like short bursts of information that mean something to them. You must provide a never-ending buffet of wall posts, links, factoids, name-dropping, and conversation. If your business is not really that interesting, Facebook marketing efforts will fall flat. It also helps to have a good sense of humor!

Question 3: Are you personally on Facebook?

While you should always keep business and personal activities separate, if you’re not on Facebook daily checking your own feed and interacting with friends, you lack important experience with the medium. Practice on yourself before branching out into a Facebook business page.

Remember, Facebook is a continuing conversation. Respond to your customers. Be personable and businesslike. Be active and enjoy yourself. If you don’t like the “social” part of social networking, spend your time and money on other marketing channels.

Question 4: What’s your long-term strategy?

It’s possible to sell products and services directly through Facebook, but that’s not really its purpose. Facebook marketing should be one part of an overall, long-term marketing strategy. Leverage its power and you create opportunity. Use it exclusively to sell and you may be disappointed.

Know that it’s OK to put up a static 17-minute business page and leave it alone—but don’t start out posting daily and then abandon your efforts for months at a time. Facebook is active and engaging, but it takes time and strategy to gain the biggest return on investment.

Final Thoughts

Don’t just jump into Facebook marketing because everyone is doing it or a guru says it’s the only way to go. Dedicate your time and attention or hire an expert to nurture your Facebook business page. Be interesting and relevant. Use Facebook yourself. Integrate Facebook marketing with your blog or website, email newsletter list, and other advertising.

Under the right circumstances with the right product or service, Facebook marketing can be highly lucrative and a lot of fun. Approach social networking with strategy and you’ll soon be part of the next generation of online marketing.