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PadiCode ~ helping business with real online insight services

PadiCode is a company that can and 2011 will be a big year for PadiCode!

PadiCode logo

We have been following the developments at PadiCode for quite sometime and we like what we see.

The PadiCode team are a truly interesting bunch being an international team of experts in Web Analytics, Coding and Web Design. They have an approach which is open and humble and we love there company’s choice in name coming from a Malay proverb which is…

Padi means “rice plant” in Malay language. We adopt the name because we embrace the philosophy of rice plant in South East Asia that says “The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends“… to keep humble and modest in getting knowledge and pursuit of excellence.

The team here have been using and recommending the PadiCode’s services for a while now as we know they work. What we also know is that their service is exceptional and really helpful. We have had their assistance with questions that can be simple or complex and all managed really well with their implementation of Zen Desk.

The reason we can see big things happening for PadiCode this year is that late in 2010 they released a new customer engagement tool for site owners.

This new tool is all about asking people, prospects, visitors, potential buyers, however you choose to classify people visiting your site to leave a business card and say they stopped by.

Not a new idea but done much better by PadiCode!

The idea of having either a page for users to subscribe to your e-Newsletter or to have a dynamic pop-up is not new.

But having a service provided that integrates with the top 3 email providers world wide (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact) so that your email marketing list is updated and then also integrates into Google Analytics with the sensible use of Event Tracking is pure joy.

And the new service is… PadiAct.

PadiAct logoWe have been lucky enough to start using the paid version of PadiAct and we’re working with the team at PadiCode with our live implementation. The thing is early results have been seriously impressive. We won’t share the numbers with you yet as we will have a detailed post about PadiAct soon but we can tell you that the year on year number of growth is subscribers is well into the hundreds of percent.

This service works – no argument. That is why we’re letting you know now before we have a couple of months data in the bag as the trend is so strong in the right direction that we have to share this with you. Also, you may be interested to know we have not been paid to post this, we do know the guys at PadiCode but that was just through our use of PadiTrack. Which we love as well, and we posted about here.

We will share with you very soon the results we have experienced by using PadiAct and the growth to our email marketing list which has been incredible. We already have started to get our Clients to use PadiAct as well as part of their prospect engagement strategy for their sites.

We know that if you give PadiAct a trial you will not be disappointed. We will provide you with the guide to get set-up and away along with our results in the PadiAct post. (You can try PadiAct here for FREE)

Also, we would like to thank the team at PadiCode, for their brilliant support and great service and awesome commitment to customer service. Their a great bunch of people dedicated to making the web a better experience for all and for your business. So thank you Claudiu and the team at PadiCode.