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Get your customer dialogue on – Zopim it!

Let’s talk! live, here and now on your own site with Zopim.

We’re trialing!

We have just started our trial of Zopim after being referred to Zopim by a highly respected Partner of ours Genroe, thank you Adam!

Well it is early days yet but the dashboard and the information which Zopim provides is very insightful to say the least. Even better as we run the WordPress CMS we were able to use the Zopim plugin which we hope integrates in a more optimised manner than adding in the Java snippets.

Well we will see how it travels, if your reading this and want to chat, feel free to try it out we’re always happy to talk Marketing with you and be part of our trial!

About Zopim

Zopim Live Chat is a web-based application that lets businesses monitor and engage website visitors in real time. Designed with small medium businesses in mind, it is easy to use, affordable and powerful.

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Zopim was the first to introduce live chat widgets that’s built right into your website. This gives your customers a more seamless and pleasant chatting experience while surfing your site. No more annoying pop-up chat windows!


Log in to Zopim’s web-based dashboard to get a wealth of information about your visitors in real-time. With an intuitive interface and features, you’ll become an expert in customer service within minutes.

Key Benefits

  1. Unparalleled Freedom: Users have a choice of replying via a web browser, favorite IM client (Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM or MSN), or their mobile phone.
  2. Seamless User Experience: The user interface is designed to be pleasing and intuitive for online businesses as well as their visitors. Chats are also blazing fast so chats sent are received almost instantaneously. Chat widget designs are versatile.
  3. Powerful Features:
    • Get access to real-time analytics and information about your visitors.
    • Use our Intelligent Trigger System to automatically engage high-value visitors.
    • Get suggestions to frequently asked questions.
    • And many more powerful features that makes customer engagement a breeze


Zopim has been translated to more than 20 languages by their avid users. Chances are your native language is already supported, otherwise volunteer to translate and do yourself and the community a favor.


Do you use a CMS or web publishing platform to maintain your website? Zopim’s plugins allow you to deploy and customize the chat widget. The following plugins are currently available:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify

Like to learn more?

You can register for Zopim here and trial the service like we are here 🙂