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Why we use VaultPress

Why our site is backed-up with VaultPress


We use VaultPress for our website as our primary back up because it works!

Recently, we were invited to VaultPress after receiving our Golden Ticket, which we think is one of the best marketing campaigns we have

Back-up or be burnt!

But first let’s talk about why backing up your website or Blog is so important.

Backing up your website is probably one of the most important things an online or ‘clicks and mortar’ business can do.

The reasons are clear, you have invested a great deal of time and effort in the sites design, content, Offering, linking, blog posts and customer interactions. The last thing your business needs is a server failure or a corrupt file which tales down your site. Then worst case scenario you find your back-ups have either failed, are too dated or just don’t work. That brings on the that horrible cold feeling which only an online disaster can bring. This is particularly true if your not a web expert, designer or technically savvy – which is most probable as we can not be experts in everything!

Also, the reason I know so much about this is because we had a disaster with our site in the first three months and it left us in a state of initial panic and considerable frustration. We were lucky though we had excellent support from our hosting Partner WordPress Hosting Australia. And with some effort and a week old back-up we were able to get back up and running.

After this we initiated a more regular plan of back-ups and saving those back-ups to offline storage as a triple redundancy – we saved the site to an external hard drive. Just in case!

We need a more reliable back-up…

Even though we had a back-up plan we were looking at services and ways to back-up all out blood, sweat and tears that we had poured into our site. We were in the discovery phase and actively keeping an eye open for a solution that would just make it so, that kind of “just blink’ and it is backed up sort of service. In other words we have to do nothing but the service provider does it all and gives us 100% peace of mind.

So, about three to four months ago we were having a read at and came across an interesting post about a new company which the team at Automattic had set up with of course Matt Mullenweg.

Now the reason we were excited was that the service they had created is 100% designed for WordPress and as such coming from the Automattic team would we hope seamlessly integrate with WordPress – of course!

And of course it does!

So, what is VaultPress?

Believe it or not, we love WordPress at Integrati Marketing and we can see in the near future when WordPress will be taking on the proprietary Content Management System at an Enterprise level and beating them.

So when we found out about VaultPress for WordPress we thought all our site back-up Christmases had come at once – because they had!

So what exactly is VaultPress well let’s let the team at VaultPress shout this one out and get us informed:

Protection, Powered by Automattic

Your blogs and sites are your livelihood. Are you protected? VaultPress is the only protection and backup service built on the same Automattic grid that reliably serves over 13.9 million blogs and 270 million monthly visitors.

Premium Service

VaultPress is designed to deliver protection and peace of mind. If you or your clients depend on your blogs and sites for your professional commu­ni­cation, VaultPress provides an elite level of service to match.

Tailored to WordPress

VaultPress is the most complete backup available today for a self-hosted WordPress blog or website. This means your plug-ins, dashboard, themes, comments, and post revisions are all safeguarded and ready to be restored.

Easy Setup, Flexible Scaling

It’s easy to get started. Sign up, install one plug-in, and let VaultPress do the rest. Protect just one or as many WordPress blogs and sites as you like. Request a golden ticket for additional VaultPress coverage at any time during the beta.

And much more which you can read more here…

What does VaultPress look like?

We thought you might like to see some of the behind the scenes functions and screen shots of VaultPress so we have taken a few images of our VaultPress instance to share with you.

The VaultPress Dashboard

From here you can manage all you services and stats.

Check your sites Full-Back-ups

As VaultPress is from the team at Automatic no other service comes close to a true full back-up like VaultPress.

Reason being, they ‘invented’, build, maintain and drive the road map for WordPress, they know the WordPress DNA and as such they know just how to copy all of your WordPress site as a true 100% back-up.

This also mean all your; plug-ins, uploads, WP database, themes are saved in the one backup!

Your publishing stats… you have these!

Yep, I did not think much about this either but it is a great idea and it gives you a metric which you can now objectively look at your site.

You can now see how good you are at updating, publishing and how that customer dialogue is coming along with Posts and Comments!

There you go!

There you have it , a quick look at the VaultPress from behind the scenes, which hopefully gives you a bit more information to ponder registering for a Golden Ticket!

The VaultPress Marketing… build desire! (Got Golden Ticket?)

OK, now this is where we started the blog post before I went through some of the VaultPress background and screen shots for you.

One of the sweetest things I like about VaultPress has been their marketing of VaultPress as an ‘exclusive’ invite only service during their Beta.

In effect what the team at VaultPress have done is build in a manageable way to not only build their live user customer base so they can scale and support as they grow but they have also created a clever marketing campaign which creates desire!

VaultPress do not have a sign-up page on their site where you can buy the service immediately if you want to buy their service.

Instead, they ask you to register through a fun and very WordPress ‘quirky form’ that adds you to a wait-list for VaultPress.

This is the Golden Ticket… a little alike the Willy Wonka inspired Golden Ticket no doubt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I think this is simply superb when you just starting to build out a new service such as VaultPress as it does create a sense of expectation and when your Golden Ticket does arrive you get that VIP buzz.

The other thing is that with ‘other’ beta services often before you have finished clicking ‘Submit’ you have an invite in your inbox.

This is so not the case with VaultPress… in fact when our invite arrived it was well over a month since we first registered for our invite!

When we received our invitation we were really pleased and in fact we were delighted. This I think is a case where the expectation and the wait for the invite culminated with a desire for the recipient to act.

This is Marketing Nirvana!

A simple marketing mechanic, a real wait-list and a great service that provides peace of mind. The best bit was that the pricing is honest and affordable which just = Sold!

I am positive that over the next year I won’t think much at all about VaultPress or my sites back-up as I don’t have too anymore they save me all the worry. I just get to do what the team here love best. Great Marketing for Great Customers… and not worrying about our website back-ups!

Like to register for your Golden Ticket then click below!