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The Listening Post – David Scott’s weekly Social Media commentary

David Scott’s weekly wrap up of all things Social Media with David’s insightful commentary.

1. Need some work done?

Why not hire your next employee from social media

We all know that stat – up to 70% of jobs are never advertised, with many coming from personal connections or word of mouth.  Enter social media.  A highly connected network of professionals on the look out for the next big thing?  Check.  An easy way of interacting both formally and informally with potential recruits? Why not. Better than scouring job ads in the paper? Probably!
For the job hunters, here’s five top tips for scoring your dream gig on social media

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And if you want to actually get a job in social media, check out this list of hints

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2. Got a company blog? Why not make it an e-book

I was first put onto the idea of e-books as real, viable ways to market a company by a guy called David Meerman Scott (no, not my doppleganger, evil twin etc).  Prior to that I thought them quite nerdy, niche and, well, unnecessary.  But D Scott turned my head around with this short post (which he later presented in person which was just as effective). Essentially, he says, that marketing your web content should be an integral part of your online presence, and the humble e-book helps capitalise on that.

Read on here

The always on-point team at Copyblogger break down how easy it is to turn your greatest strength – the knowledge and expertise of the business – into a published form.

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And as a bonus, check out this discussion about whether sponsored posts on blogs are good or evil…

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3. Using Facebook to market your brand.

We all love infographics and even the odd sales funnel, so here’s something that includes both of those in a neat way to talk up the anatomy of a fan on Facebook, and how you can use that to market your brand better.

How to market your Business with Facebook

One way you can tailor rewards for your fans is geotargeting. Heard of it? Simple concept really; use the data you have on your online audiences to market to specific areas of the world.  Still not on board? Here, read this little case study featuring some Jamaican musicians and a whole stack of rice and goats, and then think about this: when you’re doing your next campaign through Facebook etc, are you targeting the right people with the right things?

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However if it all goes horribly wrong, here’s how to handle upset Facebook fans.

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4. Daily Deals = Daily Death?

The daily deals phenomenon has claimed it’s first victim, and what a victim it was: just weeks after rollout here in Australia, Facebook Deals is dead, gone and buried.

Facebook daily deals dies >> Read More

It’s been a wild ride, but the question is: are we over it already?

5. Website of the Week:

Design + the web + social media + pretty pictures = winning combination.
From the editor(s) themselves: “…we believe that a company’s most important employees aren’t its bankers or management gurus, but rather the graphic, industrial, and interface designers who design the things a company actually makes.” And given that those designs, those graphics, those ideas are going to be the public image of your company, it’s a great spot to get some inspiration.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Listening Post,

Cheers, David.


Author: David Scott