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Registering your TradeMark (Trademarkia)

Quick Trademark search tip.

OK, so you have finally gotten around to protecting your business Intellectual Property (IP) after years of hard work getting your business up-and-running.

Then the unthinkable happens, and this does happen…

You run a search as an Australian Business for your trademark at IP Australia and it has already been registered. What is worse you may have been thinking about expanding internationally and you now don’t know whether your businesses IP can be covered overseas. So, you go an hire a company that specialises in Trade-Mark searches. Ouch, this is going to be potentially expensive.

Two things to remember

The first thing, is that when you first think of starting a new business run a Free Trademark check with IP Australia here. It costs nothing to run these searches and may well save you a lot of frustration and anxiety in the future. They have some great tips about registering your IP here as well (Note this is a pdf. link).

The second thing, is that now with this great online FREE service from TradeMarkia you can now run international and Australian Trade mark searches without the need of hiring a IP consultant to do the same thing for you.

In their words…

Trademarkia is a technology platform that enables the automated and efficient search of trademark, domain and corporate legal records.
Trademarkia is one of the largest legal solutions technology platforms and websites on the Internet. Trademarkia’s unmatched free visual trademark search allows users to locate trademarks quickly and easily on their own, rather than merely offering a paid search service.

Recognizing that innovation is a global concept, Trademarkia facilitates the filing of trademarks not only into the United States, but also in most major countries around the world, with automated tools and technology.

We thought you might like to know of this service.

Also, never underestimate how much your companies intangible assets may be worth to your business and how quickly you can lose the rights to your brands IP if you have not protected it!