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PadiTrack – The FREE conversion funnel tool

Free conversion funnel tracking with Google Analytics data for your site.

We have a great new FREE service to share with you, it is called PadiTrack a new product from the company PadiCode.

This new service PadiTrack, is a free tool, which allows any Google Analytics (GA) User to set up and track their current and historical GA data into visual conversion funnels and goals.

The way this works is brilliant, in that PadiTrack is an approved Google Application, so all you need to do is agree that Google and PadiTrack can ‘handshake’ and share data on your behalf. No need for more java snippets or code! This makes PadiTrack even more accessible and really easy to implement.

What is really great is that you can now look at your data specifically focusing on conversion only.

Whilst Google Analytics does do this on their dashboard PadiTrack makes the set-up much much easier. In fact, we found that using the specific links in Google Analytics is the best way to validate the pages you want to use in your conversion funnel.

What we did was:

1. Choose what we wanted to measure – Which is our Get in Touch requests to Integrati Marketing. So this will be our conversion funnel.

2. Then we fired up the PadiTrack site logged in and started a new Funnel via “Define new Funnel

3. Next we started to build the conversion funnel the best way we found to do this was also to be logged into your Google Analytics account and grab the URL from the page you are after by searching in the section Google Analytics Dashboard > Content > Top Content and the search box with the page you are looking for like the example below

So for us the URL we needed was number 9. on our report from Top Content for Contact-Us/Get-In-Touch/ (this is a link in GA which you click on to take you to that page in GA)

4. Next we click on the page so we can copy the exact link rather than typing it and making a typo… which err happens a lot with my typing skills 😉 Then you copy the link.

5. After you have copied the exact URL from your Google Analytics dashboard you need to go back to your new funnel you are setting up in PadiTrack and enter the URL here:

6. Then test the new URL you have copied by clicking on “Validate step” sometimes this takes a second as there are a few ‘hops’ between PadiTrack and Google Analytics to make this happen so be patient. You should then see that the URL has been validated. Like this one below:

7. After we validated Step 2 (of course you have to validate all steps but this is our example!) we then added in our Confirmation Page which only appears for a prospect customer after they have submitted a Contact Request to Us. This is the last step in the funnel we created using the “Add one more step” to add the Confirmation Page.

8. Then we ran the funnel conversion report by selecting this from our Dashboard on PadiTrack and here is our visual funnel of the conversion funnel.

9. There it is, the visualised PadiTrack report for you site.

You can now run this report on-demand and create and save as many as you like.

They also have even more cool stuff which we haven’t covered with Segmentation and further insight to improve your conversion rates.

Learn more

PadiTrack has also been featured on Google Analytics Apps Gallery. You can have a look at the review here.

We think that PadiTrack is a great tool that will help any Small Medium Business and Enterprise understand what is going on with their conversion on their site.

It is free and this type of reporting can cost thousands, it is well worth an hour of your time setting it up and gaining some valuable insight about how your website is performing right now and in the past with historical Google Analytics data.

How can it help you?

Still not sure how it can help you?

well… in their words!

If you are an online store, you get to know where people drop of during the purchase process. If you are an web app, you get to know how many people sign up and how many people use your product or service. If you are looking for leads, well, you got it… you get to know how many you get and how many you loose.”

In one sentence, PadiTrack reports on your conversion rate. Not only that, but:

* it reports the abandonment rate on the steps that your visitors need to go through for converting.
* it reports segmented per traffic source, be it referrers or keywords