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National Broadband Network is good for Small Medium Business

The National Broadband Network is good for Small Medium Businesses in Australia

The Integrati Marketing Consulting team are passionate believers in the opportunity for Small Medium Business in Australia to benefit from the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Leaving politics aside and taking a moment to have a look at how Australia is bench-marked Worldwide for high speed Internet access we are not even in the top 10. In fact, we are ranked 50th in the world by connection speed according to the Quarter One report 2010 from AkamaiThe State of the Internet“. We are soundly beaten in connection speeds by countries like Latvia and Romania who are in the international top 10 for connection speed! (report is available here from Akamai)

Now, anyone who has used a slow Internet connection will understand why speed is important and in Australia the Internet and our so-called broadband is anything but fast.

Why slow Internet speed is a worry for Small Medium Business?

Small and Medium Businesses are starting to use the services available on the Internet to improve their businesses opportunity of being ‘found, contacted and making a sale’ through online channels like, websites, Social Media, Local Mobile Search and many more touch points to come.

What is important about all of these access points is that they rely on high-speed access to send the data whizzing back and forth. The faster the connection the more improved the outcome for the person using or accessing the website etc.

What if?

What if the Australian Internet was so fast that Australian businesses website pages came up in 10th of seconds instead of 4-5 seconds the increased satisfaction for users would be immense. We would see benefits for reduced costs of transactions between parties through reductions in time, real video conferencing without delays – no more tyranny of distance in this great continent of ours.

The benefits for online marketing.

With the faster connection your business would be able to focus your time on what really matters rather than worrying about the hygiene factors of server bandwidth ping times and page load speed. It simply would not be an issue anymore. What is even better SMB’s marketing would benefit from a focus on:

  • Faster sites = increased usage and customer satisfaction
  • Increased usage of the Internet by Australians
  • New opportunities to market to people ‘out and about’ with mobile and interactive devices
  • Focus on relevant and engaging content – worrying less about file sizes and interactive limitation due to speed
  • Opportunity – we would be able to create integrated campaigns that seamlessly couple across devices and touch points

I know that there is great debate in Australia about the cost of creating this Natural Monopoly with the Wholesale Broadband for the NBNco.

But what we also need to think about, is the waste which would result from the lost productivity, if we do not build the NBN!

This is a point which is often missed in the banter about budget. All great businesses and countries know that if you invest wisely you will reap the rewards. If all Australians were on the fastest Internet access in the World we would be at a competitive advantage and not lingering at the bottom of the broadband connectivity chart. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from Latvia and Romania about high speed Internet as well!