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Marketing and Business Planning Season

Marketing and Business Planning Season in Australia

The Strategic Marketing Plan for your marketing planning in Australia’s annual planning season.

The month of May kicks off ‘planning season’ every time this year businesses in Australia start their annual Business and Marketing Planning. This is due to a focus on fresh budgets with the end of financial year (EOFY) and an opportunity to review your business performance with marketing goals and objectives to the businesses financial outcomes and targets. So what sort of planning do you use or need?

What planning tools are right for your business?

No two businesses are alike even when they compete in the same industry. And with this obvious difference comes a point, all businesses plan differently and all have different ideas about what they include in their businesses planning.

We know that some Small and Medium businesses do take planning seriously and work through what they want to achieve on a regular basis. So to help business like this we have created the Strategic Marketing Plan – template to help your business further improve your marketing planning.

Whilst it is just a guide it covers off all the key areas of marketing plans such as;
1.    Executive Summary
2.    Business current state
3.    The Market
4.    Goals and Objectives
5.    Strategy
6.    Budget
7.    Implementation plan
8.    Next Steps
9.    Lessons learnt

By creating this marketing and business plan it will help you and your team in your business plan for marketing success. And hopefully beat the competition by having a marketing strategy, which will support what separates you in your market with your products and services Points of Differentiation (POD) and your Unique Selling Point (USP).

The strategic marketing plan looks at; your businesses positioning, the market, your medium term and long term goals, your strategy and marketing mix along with defining your marketing budget and operationalising the activities you choose such as; building a website or running marketing promotions.

Remember, if you are going to share you plan with stakeholders to always include an executive summary in the marketing plan, this will help you communicate your businesses key marketing and sales objectives and goals at a glance.

The other points to consider are that marketing plans can come in many different formats and versions. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect marketing plan‘. In fact, if you’re a small business we would suggest that you may need a Tactical Marketing Plan over a Strategic Marketing Plan.

That is because your existing Business Plan should contain your long term strategic objectives and overall marketing strategy for your Small Medium Business.

Either way we have created two templates which you can review and decide on which will suit your needs best.

You can review the templates here:

Strategic Marketing Plan – Template Tactical Marketing Plan – Template