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Here’s a fact which you may have missed about Australian Newspapers.

The decline of Australian newspaper started over twenty years ago.

Recently we came across and article on Mumbrella which backed up feedback from our customers who have been advertising in print.

Print customers are just not seeing a return on their investment.

So what is going on with advertising in Print and Printed Directories?

From what we have read over at MumbrellaDespite claims that newspaper sales in Australia are bucking the international trend and remaining stable, new analysis suggests that compared to the country’s growing population, sales have dropped significantly“.

So we have a growing population but the potential readers have remain just that potential and in fact they are using other forms of media such as web and mobile platforms and the prefer to receive it free, why pay for a paper?

Moreover, giving further weight to credibility of this data was the fact that the analysis was carried out by the Media Alliance.

Apparently the data shows that “Australian newspaper sales decline began two decades ago. The organisation combined Audit Bureau of Circulation data with Australian Bureau of Statistics population numbers to develop an approximate measure of metro and national newspaper sales per head of the population over the last two decades. And although there is margin for error as the methodology on the collection of the circulation data has changed slightly, the trend has been downwards, with sales of nearly 160 newspapers per 1000 population in 1991, falling to less than 110 per 1000.”

This is a really poor performance and it shows the growing importance of being found online.

What it also means for advertisers in Print is the following;

  • less people reading = less exposure
  • Have to increase frequency of ads to reach more people (costs more)
  • Usage is declining and so is the effectiveness of the Print medium
  • Generation shift as younger users prefer mobile platforms and can read it free on the laptop, iPad, or mobile device
  • Tracking Print ads is far more difficult than online

Looks like the Newspapers have a task ahead, question is as a business looking at this trend would you want to continue to advertise in print or invest in online?

We think smart advertisers and businesses are already switching, in fact we can prove it with this blog post which has the latest data from the Internet Advertising Bureau.

IAB Australia recently released the full financial year online advertising figures for FY 08/09, which pegs it over $1.8 billion.

The second quarter online ad spending closed at $453 million. These numbers defied the advertising market trends with strong double digit year-on-year growth at 18.5 percent.

The original post is from Online Classifieds which you can find here.

We would also like to thank Tim over at Mumbrella for letting us re-publish elements of his post which you can also find here.

  • Print media has fallen since online media or internet has made reading materials easily available in the net. But personally, I still subscribe to newspapers and magazines even if I can already read them online. We still have those days when we just want be off from the internet world or from technology. – Luis

    • Hi Luis,

      thank you for your comment and I have to say I also subscribe to a newspaper (The Australian). However, I am a market of one and I am also from Generation X.

      The thing is that the shift is with younger generations and the ‘organic’ growth has been lost for newspapers with these younger cohorts is not coming through. These consumers consume their media on mass through unique channels like mobile, web and well iPad’s now as well.

      Also, agree with you it is great to have a ‘web’ free day… I just wonder how ‘most people’ would handle this as we are so connected and immediacy seems to have taken over in-depth analysis as well.

      But I digress, I guess as marketers we just need to be aware that these shifts will impact our Advertising effectiveness and your advertising/marketing message needs to be where it can be found by the most relevant eyeballs!

      As always we welcome your feedback and importantly happy to hear your personal take, thank you!

      Clinton. Integrati Marketing.

    • Yes, I agree with you that Print Media has decreased its value after online media but now social presence becoming more and more popular day by day. people like to stay connected with each other to know the things worldwide.

  • I seen this stats everywhere.. market trends are moving faster and faster. Heads up social networks are going to get more localized and mobile.. it scares me where we could be in 10years. Cheers, David Young