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Customer engagement do you have defined CE Measures?

I have written about advertising and the importance of advertising to become accountable since the inception of Integrati Marketing. Marketing accountability is really core to marketing effectiveness today and will in the near future be considered a ‘hygiene factor’.

This is not because I believe that advertising does not work, it means that we know that mass media advertising has become less effective in the 15 years I have worked in Marketing and now as an Integrated Marketing practitioner.

Back in 2006 McKinsey and Co published a report that provided a clear measure that advertising via mass media was not only losing audience numbers but even more worryingly there was little engagement which means reduced effectiveness.

In fact they predicted by 2010 that TV Advertising would be 1/3 less effective than it was in 1990.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement (CE) is not a unique term invented with the creation of the Internet. The notion of customer engagement was present in retail and customer service businesses marketing prior to the Internet and web metrics.

Our take on Customer engagement is the connection of both on and offline marketing information which lets us understand how into our content they are.

A definition presented by Eric Peterson’s work on Customer Engagement provides what is an excellent working definition:

Engagement is an estimate of the degree and depth of visitor interaction against clearly defined set of goals.

The key points here are that an agreed way to measure the engagement exists and that the visitor interactions can be many and varied with our marketing communications.

So what?

OK, so we have a clear understanding of what Customer Engagement is how does that help my business and support our objectives and marketing practices.

Customer Engagement is important.

Customer Engagement measures when agreed by your team and in your business enable you to define targets and measure the effectiveness of your marketing communications (digital marketing and Offline Marketing) or rather conversations with your Clients, Customers and Followers.

There are many options available to measure engagement, but one of the best channels is your website.

Tracking engagement measures such as; bounces, time on page, number of visits, bookmarking, tweets, Likes, are all different levels of engagement.

With Google Analytics or other web analytics services you can set up simple dashboards that enable reporting of your website and tracked advertising links to campaign pages or your sites content pages.

This is important as you may want to answer questions like; “Which keyword in my Search Engine Marketing provides the best conversion and longer term engagement”.

Looking at Ghuniem’s degrees of engagement we can look at a framework that can be created in Google Analytics to measure web site and advertising in the stages of the Degrees of Engagement.

So, with this criteria we can now look at Google Analytics for instance and build out segmentation that allows us to monitor customer engagement with Ghuniem’s criteria from the Customer degrees of Engagement continuum.

We can do this via the Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation section.

If you would like help understanding your web site and customer engagement metrics then feel free to contact us to talk to you about your business. We’d love to talk Marketing with you!