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Marketing Plan: Tactical for short term marketing and advertising planning.

Not all marketing planning should be long-term. In fact, as part of a strategic business plan or marketing plan you may actually need tactical marketing plans.

Essentially, a short term or tactical marketing plan will provide for your business a way to plan and capture the key requirements of the activity you have planned to support your chosen objectives.

So, you may have an idea to run a promotion which will help you sell more of a product in a given promotional period. But what is the best way to manage all the activity? The tactical marketing plan will help you and your team work through ideas and what you may or may not be able to do.


By creating a tactical marketing plan you will be addressing several key areas of the performance your potential marketing campaign. The process will help you set expectations such as your Objectives for the activity and also provide a framework to document all the necessary actions and information for the activity to be successful.

What’s the Message?

This is key, to make sure you have a great message and offer for your existing or potential customers you need to have some insight about your customers and what they are interested in. Ideally you will have demographic data or even customer segments which you can target your message to things of interest about your products or services to your target customers.

So once you know who you’re talking to this will help you create a message which is relevant to your chosen customers that your sending/communicating the offer too. The key things to create a response, in that you will most probably be asking a customer to do something, like visit your website, come into your store, email you, send a fax order etc. All of these are examples of activities you have prompted the customer to as you have asked them to respond. In marketing terms his is called a “call to action” this is key as it can be used a method to measure response like, increase in website traffic to existing or a dedicated landing pages with the offer.

What do you want your customer to do?

This is really important and as silly as this sounds sometimes this is missed, if your business is sending a message to an existing or prospect customer you will be looking for some type of response. Importantly actions like this will allow you to measure how many customers went through the purchase funnel. The purchase funnel is all the steps either offline or online which a customer has to make to buy something from you. You can measure this effectively to monitor how successful your marketing activity is, Google Analytics can even let you set up sales funnels free on your website. This is should not be underestimated as you will be able to work out by knowing how many customers you sold to via the tactical marketing activity if you made a loss, broke even or made a profit and f course you would also be able to calculate the Return on Investment (RoI)

How does the activity work? What do you need to do to support the activity?

By understanding all the steps in the marketing activity which you are creating or going to run you will remove the potential issues and errors by understanding what you will need in your organisation to support the marketing activity. There are many examples of corporate marketing failure where they have run campaigns which were poorly planned (Hoover UK, Free flights promotions). By working through the process and answering potential questions from your customers by being ‘in their shoes’ you will be able to reduce the opportunity for error and increase the opportunity of marketing success for your business.

The time-line

To be able to manage the marketing activity you need to know how long it will take you to get your promotion to market and you will need to allow for things like; extra stock being delivered on time, receiving marketing promotional materials on time, take into account holidays and events, all of these areas will start to help you think through how long it will take to manage and launch the promotions.

Your businesses budget

Before you kick off your promotion and marketing activity you will need to know how much budget you have and how much you will portion to the different suppliers to make your event work.  Also you should have targets included as a measure as to how many new customers or sales you will need to make to break even and also forecast a potential  uplift in sales so you have some idea as to how much increased revenue the activity may bring in for your business.


If you are running a consumer promotion and you have a time limited offer or prize draw you will need terms and conditions as well as licenses depending on which State(s) your business is located in. At the end of the day it will be your businesses responsibility to ensure that the marketing activity is legal and well managed. By having a legal review of your up-coming activities you will be protecting your business and removing potential issues.


OK, so now you have completed the tactical marketing plan and you have run the activity now what?

Measure measure measure.

To know how successful the activity has been you need to review your data and investigate how many incremental sales your business achieved or the increase in revenue during the period. Essentially how or what you measure will be up to your business but the only way to improve is to have some key performance indicators that you can apply to this activity and future marketing promotions so you can improve your marketing effectiveness.

So what does the Tactical Marketing Plan structure look like?

  • Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Objectives
    • Target Market
    • Demographics
  • Target Segments
  • The message
  • How the promotion works
    • The processes
  • The project plan and timing
  • Budget
  • Outcomes

Great show me the template!

The template is available here for you to download and use, we hope you find it useful.

Of course the team at Integrati Marketing Consulting are available to assist you if you need expert assistance and marketing consulting for your business, you can contact us here.

Any suggestions and changes are welcome please feel free to let us know if you have feedback by email at:

Tactical Marketing Plan – Template on Scribd.

Tactical Marketing Plan – Template V1.0