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Strategic Marketing Plan: template and example

To effectively manage your business in Australia’s competitive markets your business will need a marketing plan to help you allocate your businesses investment for maximum effectiveness.

A marketing plan can come in many different formats and versions. There is no such thing as the perfect marketing plan. In fact, if you’re a small business we would suggest that you need a Tactical Marketing Plan over a Strategic Marketing Plan. That is because your existing Business Plan should contain your long term strategic objectives and overall marketing strategy for your small business.

The Tactical Marketing Plan

The tactical marketing plan can be as short lived as two to three months and be specific to seasonal, promotional or a highly targeted event or customer segment you may be looking to sell to. And as small to medium businesses do not have a surplus of time generally the tactical marketing plan will be easier to manage and review for effectiveness. We also have a template for the tactical marketing plan here.

The Strategic Marketing Plan

Whereas the strategic marketing plan template we have available here as a free sample marketing plan will provide your business with a longer term marketing plan template that you can use for 1 to 3 years.

The really important thing about creating a marketing plan is that your business recognises that to either sustain or grow your business that you need to be able to structure your businesses activities to record how effective the activities you put into your market.

Key marketing plan focus points

Some of the key areas you need to consider before you start writing your marketing plan are to gather information about:

  1. Details about the products and services you sell and what makes your goods so much better.
  2. Have a known budget which you will be investing and targets for return on this investment which are realistic.
  3. Prepare ideas about how you may promote your business.
  4. Be honest and look at what makes your business great and not so great, your strength and weaknesses essentially.
  5. What is your price point in the market, are you super-premium, premium or cost competitor in your market.
  6. Who are you selling too, know your customers and the different types of customers you sell to or want to sell to. This will help you with your choice of marketing activities or the marketing mix.

When you follow these steps you will in fact be starting to build all the information, data and insight you need to start writing your marketing plan.

Writing your marketing plan with our marketing plan template

After you have completed the six steps above which will enable you to collate the necessary information and data you can start to write up your marketing plan into the Integrati Marketing Consulting template supplied here free.

In the plan you will find the following 9 sections which you can write up all the information you have and create a logical information structure for your customised marketing plan via the marketing plan template.

The sections which you will find in the template are:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business current state
  3. The Market
  4. Goals and Objectives
  5. Strategy
  6. Budget
  7. Implementation plan
  8. Next Steps
  9. Lessons learnt

By completing the these sections with the instructions contained in the template you will be on your way to creating an excellent strategic marketing plan for your business.

The strategic marketing plan which covers off; your businesses positioning, the market, your medium term and long term goals, your strategy and marketing mix along with defining your marketing budget and operationalising the activities you choose such as building a website or running marketing promotions. Remember, if you are going to share you plan with stakeholders to always include an executive summary in the plan, this will help you communicate your businesses key objectives and goals at a glance.

Great show me the template!

The template is available here for you to download and use, we hope you find it useful.

Of course the team at Integrati Marketing Consulting are available to assist you if you need expert assistance and marketing consulting for your business, you can contact us here.

Any suggestions and changes are welcome please feel free to let us know if you have feedback by email at:

Strategic Marketing Plan – Template on Scribd.

Strategic Marketing Plan – Template