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Why does Integrati Marketing choose WordPress for websites, blogs, and micro sites?

WordPress in our opinion is the most user friendly, stable and dynamic Content Management System (CMS) available today as an Open Source CMS. Nothing comes close!

We have developed Integrati Marketing and our Integrati Marketing Blog in WordPress because it is so robust, so fast, and is excellent for customisation and just a star when it comes to brilliant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We know, as when we develop sites in WordPress that work and the client will be able to maintain them. Below are just some of the benefits we receive and believe in;

  • You can host WordPress on your own server
  • The installation is quick easy and intuitive
  • Whilst it is customisable templates are simple and there are not hundreds of files to edit
  • WordPress pages are served on-demand by the server “on the fly” so you do not have multiple archives hogging all your storage space
  • Edit the template(s) and it is changed in seconds, not overnight or at the next site ‘push’
  • WordPress is 80-90% search engine friendly for SEO in it’s base mechanics, just ask Matt Cutt’s at Google!
  • WordPress has a community of Open Source developers sharing and building great plug-in’s
  • WordPress is compliant with; W3C standards for XHTML, CSS this means browser interoperability and marginal standards testing issues

And so many more that well I will let WordPress explain all the features to you here.

Essentially, it is the best CMS we have ever used, better than proprietary software and it just works.

We love WordPress!

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