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“O” Internet Marketing Glossary

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED): Very thin display technology. Thin films of organic materials that emits a bright light onto a screen with the application of electricity.

Open Directory: the Open Directory (now known as DMOZ) uses volunteer editors to catalogue the web. Formerly known as NewHoo, it was launched in June 1998. It was acquired by AOL Time Warner-owned Netscape in November 1998, and the company pledged that anyone would be able to use information from the directory through an open license arrangement.

Overture: is the oldest major paid placement search engine. It distributes its listings to a wide range of search engines, including that of its owner, Yahoo.

Open Source: any software whose code is available for users to look at and modify freely, such as WordPress. Linux is also one of the best-known examples; others include Apache, the dominant software for servers that dish out corporate web pages.

Orphaned page: a page is known as orphan if no other establishes a link to the page, or it can be a ‘broken’ link on a site or a mis-archived live page on a site. Generally speaking, it is a mistake which needs to be cleaned up by the webmaster.