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“M” Internet Marketing Glossary

Malware: Malicious software designed to intrude or damage a computer system without the user’s informed consent.

Manual submission: adding a web address or URL to the search engines individually via manual registration rather than automated search engine bots

Megabits per second (Mbits/s): Data transfer rate of one million bits per second.

Megahertz (MHz): One million Hertz.

Meta tag generator: tool that will output META tags based on input page information

Meta Tags: Meta tags are parts of your HTML code specifically for search engines. They tell search engines what your website is about and help index your site so your site can be found by search engines.

Meta Description Tag: the tag present in the header of a web page which is used to provide a short description of the contents of the page. Some search engines will display the text present in the Meta Description Tag when the page appears in the results of a search. Including keywords in the Meta Description Tag can improve the search engine ranking of a page for those keywords.

Meta Keywords Tag: The tag present in the header of a web page which is used to provide alternative words for the words used in the body of the page. The Meta Keywords Tag has become less important in search engine ranking of a page/site.

Meta Refresh Tag: The tag present in the header of a web page which is used to display a different page after a few seconds. If a page displays another page too soon, most search engines will either ignore the current page and index the second page or penalize the current page for spamdexing.

Microsoft: The world’s largest vendor of personal computer software

Mirror: a mirror is the term used for a near identical duplicate website. Mirrors are commonly used in an effort to improve the ranking of a web site or target different keywords/keyphrases using the same content. Using mirrors is clear a violation of the search engines guidelines and can result in banning/delisting.

MSN: Short for Microsoft Network, Microsoft’s online service. Like competing services such as America Online, MSN offers e-mail, topic-related forums, and full access to the World Wide Web.