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“G” Internet Marketing Glossary

Gateway Page: Also called a doorway page. A gateway page exists solely for the purpose of driving traffic to another page. They are usually designed and optimised to target one specific keyphrase.

Gigabytes (GB): A billion bytes.

Gigahertz (GHz): One billion Hertz, where one Hertz is the measurement of frequency equal to one cycle per second.

Googlebot: Name of the search engine indexing robot from Google, which scans the web from link to link looking for new pages to list/rank. Webmasters use site map submissions and site maps in XHTML to feed the search engine robots. If you do not want a section of the site searched then a no follow tag is embedded in the page.

Google Dance: Corresponds to the period of the month at which Google updates the values of PageRank of the pages indexed in its database. Generally starts at the end of the month and lasts one week. During this time, the ranking of a Web page in the results of a search goes up or down. It is the same for its visible PageRank in the Google Toolbar. According to the geographical area of the Net surfer, one of the thousands of servers of Google will give the results to the search, which will differ according to whether this server is updated or not.

Global Positioning System (GPS): A US space-based radionavigation system that provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to civilian users on a continuous worldwide basis. Freely available to all.

Global system for mobile communication (GSM): The widely used European digital cellular network standard.

GSM Association (GSMA): A global trade association representing the interests of GSM mobile phone operators and vendors.

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF): Image formats used in web pages and internet advertisements