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“F” Internet Marketing Glossary

Favicon: A small icon that is used by some browsers to identify a bookmarked Web site. Popularised by Firefox, Favicons allow for use of logos instead of text in bookmarks. Favicons are also designed to be ‘dragged’ by the user into their bookmarks to bookmark the site.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP): A method to upload and download files over the Internet. You can use FTP to upload your Web pages from your computer to your hosting company’s servers.

Flash: Programme used to make animated or “movie” images within websites. Flash is developed by Macromedia.

Frames: An HTML technique allowing Website designers to display two or more pages in the same browser window. Frames has reduced in popularity as these sites are hard to use and are even harder to achieve rankings in search engines.

Free-For-All Links Pages (FFA): Pages where you can put up free links to your Website. A practice which has become abused and can be referred to as link spam. Search Engines downgrade sites that use some of these hidden/spam link practices.