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“C” Internet Marketing Glossary

Click Popularity: A measure of the relevance of sites obtained by noting which sites are clicked on most and how much time users spends on each site.

Click-through rate (CTR): The average number of click-throughs per hundred advertisement impressions, expressed as a percentage.

Cloaking: technique allowing to provide a different page to the search engines which index a site from that visible by a Net surfer. Regarded as spamdexing, it is prohibited by the search engines.

Cloud Computing: Refers to the use of web-based computing systems, applications and services that are accessed independently from the underlying infrastructure or geophysical location

Comment Tag: The text present within the tags in a web page. Most search engines will ignore the text within the Comment Tags.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI): A service that provides functionality to websites by using scripts or programs that are executed on the server rather than on a clients computer.

Copy: content which is text based and presented in websites, promotional containers and is designed to inform the user

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions, used as a standard measure for web advertising

Central Processing Unit (CPU): A machine that can execute computer programs