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“A” Internet Marketing Glossary

AdSense: Google AdSense, is an advertisement serving program run by Google. Website owners can enrol in this program to enable text, image and, video advertisements on their sites. These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-thousand-impressions basis to the site owner.

AdWords: AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner advertisements. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax): Ajax is a group of inter-related web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. Ajax works in the client browser validating information real time so the user does not have to wait for data to be validated on the server, such as entering data into a contact form.

Alt Tags: The small text box visible when a mouse is hovered over an image in a web browser, describing what the image contains. This information is read by search engines and aids in search engine optimisation for websites.

Algorithm: A set of dynamic rules that a search engine uses to rank the listings contained within its index, in response to a particular user search query. No search engine reveals exactly how its own algorithm works, to protect itself from competitors and those ‘spamming’ the search engine to increase their site(s) ranking.

Active Server Pages (ASP): Microsoft’s technology that enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive and to draw information from a database. ASP is usually associated with Microsoft Windows Web servers and Microsoft Access Databases. ASP pages can be recognised as they have the suffix .asp

Autoresponder: is an email address programmed to automatically send a pre-composed email (HTML/Text) message back to the sender when receiving email

AWStats: is an open source web analytics reporting tool, suitable for analysing data from Internet services such as web, streaming media, mail and FTP servers.