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Tactic: a detailed, specific planning or course of action(s) by which a firm’s strategy is to be implemented in a market.

Tactical Planning: planning of the shorter-term tactics to be used in implementation strategies to be employed in achieving planned marketing objectives.

Target Audience Rating Points (TARP): a commonly used measure of the gross cumulative exposure of a TV advertising campaign.

Target Market: the group whose needs and wants the company wishes to satisfy with their market offering

Telemarketing: a highly cost effective method of selling to prospective customers and of maintaining contact with existing customers using the telephone and other advanced telecommunications technologies such as VOIP

Testimonials: written recommendations from satisfied purchasers of a product to be used in selling it to new prospects.

Third-Line Forcing: an illegal arrangement in which a manufacturer sells a product to a reseller only on the condition that the reseller also buys another product from some other (nominated) manufacturer. Third-line forcing is usually illegal under the Australian Trade Practices Act.

Total Costs: the sum of the fixed and variable costs incurred in the production of any given quantity level.

Trade Practices Act: legislation introduced to protect consumers from unfair dealings with sellers.

Trademark: A Trade mark is a distinguishing sign or indicator used by an individual, commercial organisation, not for profit/charity or other organisation to identify that the products or services to business, consumers or government which the trademark appears on as being derived from a unique source, and to differentiate its products or services from those of other organisations.

Trend Analysis: a forecasting method in which likely future sales are estimated by statistical analysis of previous sales patterns. “Trend is a Marketers Friend”