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R & D: Research and Development.

Reach: the total percentage of the target audience which will be exposed to at least one advertising message during the specified period of the campaign.

Rebate: a temporary price reduction to encourage immediate purchase with a delayed rebate, such as cash-back from the manufacturer.

Receiver: the target of a message in the communication process.

Recognition Tests: a means of evaluating the effectiveness of a firm’s brand recent advertising.

Recycling: the predominant collection and processing of post-consumer waste materials for reuse.

Redemption: the conversion of a sales ‘promotion’ (coupon, code, SMS, barcode etc.) to a purchase.

Redemption Rate: the actual number of sales promotion recipients converted to purchases expressed as a percentage of the number in-market.

Reference Groups: all of those whose influence plays some part (cultural predominantly) in the buying behaviour of groups of consumers. (Wikipedia)

Regulatory Environment: that part of the entity’s external market environment on which legal and political forces act to change regulations which affect the marketing mix.

Reinforcement Advertising: advertising to reassure the buyer that the right product has been purchased this is to manage the post purchase dissonance and wearing off of the purchase halo-effect.

Relationship Selling: selling in which the primary objective is the building of long-term relationships with customers from which repeat business will flow. This has lead to the development of sophisticated business to business and business to consumer customer relationship marketing (CRM) systems that capture, analyse and utilise customer data for the benefit of the organisation.

Reseller: the third Salesforce in that a middleman; one who buys merchandise or services to resell it at a profit. Mobile phones are a good example whereby resellers such as; Allphones, Crazy Johns, resell on behalf of the larger Telecommunications companies like Vodafone, Optus Telstra etc.

Reseller Market: the market consisting of wholesalers and retailers who buy products for resale purposes.

Return on Investment (RoI): a measure of an entity’s profitability in which profits are expressed as a percentage of investment.