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Qualifying the Prospect: asking questions to discover whether a prospective buyer has a real need for the product, can afford it, and has the authority to buy now.

Qualitative Marketing Research: Marketing Research which is not generally quantifiable; research which seeks insights into a market but which does not require statistical accuracy. Such as; focus groups, depth interviews and projection techniques such as free associations.

Quality Controls: measures taken by organisations to ensure that all legal requirements, and consumer expectations, can be expressed by a percentage of returns or product failure rate.

Quantitative Marketing Research: marketing research that can be quantified; the collection of data that can be expressed in numerical terms.

Questionnaire: an research method used for soliciting responses in a marketing research survey; simply a list of questions used to produce primary consumer insight.

Quick Ratio: one of three financial ratios commonly used to evaluate a firm’s liquidity; calculated by dividing Current Assets less Stock on Hand by Current Liabilities.