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Imagery: the signs, symbols, graphical images used in advertising to suggest a particular mood, lifestyle, feeling to drive desire and action

Implementation: the process step in the marketing management when plans are put into action

Impulse Buying: unplanned consumer buying of attractively presented or conveniently located Fast moving consumer goods or products usually of low value and low involvement

Inbound Telemarketing: telemarketing in which a company receives direct telephone orders from customers

Incentive Marketing: the offering of rewards, premiums, to motivate the sales team to sell more or consumers to buy such as; cash back, Free DVD player with LCD TV etc.

Indirect Competition: a product that is in a different category altogether but which is seen as an alternative purchase choice; for example, Microsoft Encarta which was a CD encyclopaedia which competed with Encyclopaedia Britannica and now Wikipedia which has long since overtaken both former options

Indirect Costs: costs that cannot be traced directly to a particular product but are incurred in the production or provision of the service

Incentive: an inducement to buy, such as; special price deals (buy one get one free), premiums, contests, cash back etc.

Informative Advertising: advertising intended to inform rather than to persuade or remind, commonly used by federal and state governments

Internal Data: information captured and stored by an organisation as it completes its business activities

Interviewer Bias: intentional or unintentional prompting by a market researcher which affects the interviewee’s recorded response(s)

Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle: the first stage in the life cycle of a successful product launch; the product wins acceptance, there are limited versions of the product, there is little or no competition, promotion is designed to educate and create awareness in the market

Inventory: goods ready for sale stored in a warehouse