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Halo Effect: the transfer of intangible equity (brand equity) by a consumer/user from one product or experience with a company to another product the company sells.

Harvest Strategy: a conscious decision not to invest in maintenance of a product or service (usually in the decline stage of a products/service life cycle) in order to maximise profit from

High-Involvement Products: products for which the consumer/user is prepared to spend invest time and effort in researching and comparing product options

Historical Analogy: sales forecasting in which the past sales results of a similar product are used to predict the potential sales of a similar new product in the same market

Holding Costs: costs associated with holding inventory, including warehousing, spoilage, obsolescence, interest and taxes, locked capital

Horizontal Co-Operative Advertising: shared advertising by two or more members at the same level of a market channel, each paying part of the total cost. Very common in the technology industry and often referred to as Partner Strategy example would be, Intel and Microsoft in laptops.

Hypermarket: a massive one-stop shopping facility offering a wide choice of grocery and general merchandise at discount prices, championed by ASDA in the UK using an Everyday Low Price strategy.