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Gap Analysis: a method or techniques used to fill the “gap” between a current market position and future objective

Generic Brand: a “no-name” brand which sells at a reduced price compared to premium brands with the same product, Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles vs. a supermarket no-name brand of rice bubbles

Geographic Segmentation: the division of a market into relatively homogeneous groups on the basis of a geographic area, such as; district, region, state, country or planet!

Global Brands: brands sold all over the world with the same branding, such as; Pepsi and Coca Cola

Global Marketing: marketing the same or very similar products to world markets with essentially the same marketing mix and positioning. Also referred to as International Marketing

Goals: aims of a broad, long-term nature (5 year marketing plan goals) as opposed to objectives which are set to a specified time period

Goodwill: the value of a business as a going concern (intangible brand assets)

Gross Sales: the total revenue from all sales to customers in a specified selling period

Growth Strategies: the method by which a company plans to achieve its objective(s) to grow in volume and cash flow. Four broad growth strategies are available – market penetration, product development, market development and diversification

Guarantee: a written reassurance by the manufacturer that a product will be replaced or repaired to the customer’s satisfaction if it is found to be substandard