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Face-to-Face Selling: salesperson and buyer meet together usually at the customers premise to conduct their business

Factory Outlet: a retail store that sells the products of one manufacturer, usually at very low prices, can be referred to as “everyday low pricing”

FACTS: Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations now known as Free TV Australia

Family Life Cycle: a series of life stages through which the typical family passes, including bachelor stage, young and married, full nest, empty nest and sole survivor

FARB: Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters now known as Commercial Radio Australia

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG): a term used in reference to frequently purchased consumer goods, such as foodstuffs, toiletries and seen as household brands

Features: distinctive elements of a product’s use, construction or design; can also referred to as Attributes

Features and Benefits Selling: a selling process in which a salespeople carefully relate each feature of the product being presented to a particular benefit

Feedback: the process step in the communication process which allows the sender to monitor and evaluate the receiver’s response to a sent message

Flanker Brand: a brand introduced into a market by a company which already has an established place in order to increase/hold overall market share in a given product category

Forecasting: predicting future variables, such as; the number of sales volumes in a given period

Four Ps: the four major controllable variables of a Marketing Manager of the contemporary marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion and Place

Free Market: a market zone or place which has marginal direct involvement of government in market based decisions

Free TV Australia: Free TV Australia is an industry body which represents all of Australia’s commercial free-to-air television licencees.

Frequency: the number of times the target consumer/business will be exposed to the marketing message during the specified period of the campaign

Full Nesters: a marketing and research term used to describe the stage in the typical family life cycle in which the household consists of parents and growing children; three sub-stages of “Full Nesters” are used by marketers in targeting their products: Full Nest 1, where the youngest child is under six years of age; Full Nest 2, where the youngest child is over six; and Full Nest 3, where the household consists of parents and older dependents.

Functional Costs: costs associated with a particular business activity, such as; sales, advertising, marketing, research etc.