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“E” Glossary: Advertising and Marketing

EDM: is an acronym for Electronic Direct Marketing and is used widely by Marketers, Advertising Agencies and business to describe commercial email which can be delivered in HTML, Text mobile version.

Email: e-mail or electronic mail is a digital system or protocol for sending digital messages. It allows the sender to have in depth analysis of the ‘send’ and responses can be measured real time such as, open rate, click through and viral elements.

Empty Nesters: those in the stage of the family life cycle where the children have all grown up and left home

Encoding: the translation of a message into code by a sender so that it can be relayed through a communications channel or medium to a receiver

Enterprise Competitors: businesses of similar type selling to the same consumer market

Evaluative Criteria: features of a supplier, product, business size, expertise etc. considered by a buyer when choosing between options; can be objective or subjective