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“B” Glossary: Advertising and Marketing

Banner Advertising: online advertising that appears across the top or side of a website

BEA: Break-Even Analysis

Behaviour Segmentation: Behavioural Segmentation of customers and users

Beliefs: the values of people in a ‘tribe’, social clique, community or society which have a high degree of persistence

Below-the-Line Advertising: all advertising by means other than the five major mass media, such as; television, press, radio, cinema and outdoor.  Below-the-Line advertising employs a variety of mechanics like; direct mail marketing, online marketing, email marketing, social marketing, etc.

Benchmark: a standard or unique point of reference, against which ‘something else’ may be measured

Benchmarking: comparing the performance of an entity’s products or services usually in a specific industry. Performance measures can include costs, response rate, open rate, bounce rate, cost per contact etc.

Body Copy: the descriptive paragraphs in a written advertisements in web sites, papers, magazines, outdoor etc.

Bottom Line: term meaning “profits” after Cost of Goods sold (CoGS)

Brand: a name, sign, symbol or design, or combination of these, used to uniquely identify a product and to differentiate it from competitors’ products

Brand Advertising: the featuring of a particular brand in media channels to build strong, long-term consumer attitudes towards it. Often the ‘usage’ of the brand can be experiential and may not be seen as contextual in that it can be an emotive presentation to play on emotion or association of traits seen as having synergies with the brand values.

Brand Concept: the ‘image’ that the brand owner wants a particular brand to have. In effect the desired market positioning of the brand to the chosen segment(s) in the mind’s eye of consumers/users.

Brand Equity: the intangible value of a well-known brand which appears as an asset on a company’s balance sheet

Brand Image: the feelings, moods, emotions and connotations evoked by a brands use, association by its users, consumers

Brand Loyalists: consumers/users who remain loyal to a brand over a long period of time i.e. brand loyal

Brand Loyalty: a measure of the degree to which a purchaser recognises, prefers and insists upon a particular brand.