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“A” Glossary: Advertising and Marketing

ABN: Australian Business Number

Above the Line Advertising: advertising which uses one of five main media channels – which are; television (Free to Air, Satellite and IPTV), Press, commercial radio, cinema and outdoor posters.

ABS: Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACCC: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Account Manager: a sales person/representative responsible for a major customer account or roster of major accounts. Account Managers key responsibility is to manage the customer and to increase sales.

Actual Response Rate: the number of orders received in response to a direct marketing campaign; the actual Response Rate is compared to the forecast response rate(s) to evaluate the success of the campaign. This is also critical to creating benchmarking for campaigns.

Ad Hoc Marketing Research: marketing research activity run in response to a single and specific need. This is a ‘tactical’ research activity in that it is one shot.

Added Value: the increased worth of a entity’s market offering as a result of marketing activity; four key factors which create additional tangible and intangible value these are; features, quality, customer perception (or brand image) and uniqueness.

ADMA: Australian Direct Marketing Association

Adoption: the customer choice of one product versus another

Advertising: the paid, public, personal (Permission Marketing) or mass broadcast (interruption based) of an influential message by a known Business, Government or Not for Profit entity. With the sole purpose of promoting a purchase, recognition or change in behaviour of a target segment to new and existing customers.

Advertising Agency: a business specialising in the creative, design and media planning of advertisements and the execution of promotional and brand campaigns.

Advertising Campaign: a planned programme of advertising with defined objectives, these can be financial, brand driven or to change a segments behaviour.

Advertising Institute of Australia: the industry association representing the interests of individuals within the advertising industry in Australia

Advertising Media: platforms which carry the advertising message, such as; television, radio, newspapers, web sites, magazines, outdoor advertising. To communicate from advertisers to their target customers

Advertising Message: the core, “big idea” underlying or theme within an advertisement

Advertising Standards Bureau: the Australian body comprising representatives from the retail trade, trade unions, academics, advertising agencies and the media established to administer voluntary advertising codes and to provide a vehicle for consumer complaints about advertising

AIM: Australian Institute of Management

Annual Plan: a short-term marketing plan (normally 1 year) that describes the current marketing situational analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategies for the current year, activity programs, budgets, and monitoring and control measures set to industry benchmarks and past performance.

ANZIC: Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification

ANZIC Classification: a system administered jointly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statistics New Zealand which assigns a unique identifier/number to each industry in order to identify the firms operating in each class and sub-class and to allow for the collection of data, such as; location, number of employees, and annual sales. This is used by marketers to identify industry segments for business to business marketing.

APN: Australian Product Number

ASIC: Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Attitudinal Loyalty: the loyalty exhibited by consumers/users when they repeat purchase of brands they know and trust.  Their consistent attitudes result in habitual buying behaviour or can be known as behavioural loyalty.

Austrade: the Australian Trade Commission, the Government’s trade and investment development agency

Australian Marketing Institute: an association of marketing professionals in Australia which can be referred to by it’s acronym AMI