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Email Marketing Brief – Template

Integrati Marketing Consulting have created an email marketing brief template just for our customers and associates. To help you identify what is important in your up-coming email campaign to include in your direct marketing brief.

Why write an email marketing brief for you and your agency?

Regardless of the marketing activity you are going to undertake you need to know all the why’s and wherefore’s. If you have not captured all the relevant information about you up-coming marketing activity you may have gaps and if you have gaps this can lead to potential issues which may reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.

Plus, by having a good understanding yourself of what you want you can clearly communicate this to your creative agency. Also, if you keep making changes as you go this will cost you more money and time and effort as you change the ‘scope’ of what you thought you wanted at the beginning an what you end up at the end of the process.

So you don’t suffer bill shock we suggest that you use this email marketing brief  template which Clients can capture some of the key information about their email promotion, event or newsletter for instance. By following this email marketing brief you will be leading your business to the best email marketing Australia has with great planning.

The email marketing campaign overview

Importantly so you can get any reader of your email marketing brief across what you and your business are looking to achieve it is important to create background and context to your communication. So we suggest that you have the following three sections to help you achieve this.

Project Name:

Give your project a logical and simple name that can become recognisable and unique to your business.


Why are you creating this communication? Is it part of a larger campaign? All of this information will help build context for the communications.


What is the single most important objective of the communication and what other objectives does this activity also support?

The message

What is your single minded proposition or call to action – what do you want your customer to learn or do after receiving the communication? This is key as it it will drive your copy and ultimately will also be used to measure the success of the email with metrics like “how many customers clicked on the website and purchased the promotion?”.

Target Customers:

Who are your target customers, what are their demographics, do you have your customers segmented and do the segments have profiles that help you understand what the customer looks like? All of this will help craft a creative response that may make the email more targeted to your target customers.

Email Requirements:

What do you need as mandatory in the email build such as things like; HTML page, Forward to a Friend, Tested in email clients, and metrics to report on all link click activity.


How are you going to measure the effectiveness of the email send and also how effective the email marketing activity was to your businesses objectives? You need to have clear ideas up-front about what is important to your business to report on effectiveness such as number of sales, value of sales, click through, open rates, bounce rates etc.

Make sure your agency has all your logo’s and brand guidelines so they can create an email in the best creative possible. This will help you build your brand recognition and brand equity.

The when where and how

This is the nitty-gritty part of the brief, this is where the time management and the art of what is possible with the budget is defined and then managed.


When do you want to send the email and how much time do you have before the send and what needs to be done.

Project Plan:

So you know who will be doing what and when, it is best to have a plan of all the activity so no gaps are created. This helps keep the activity on track.


What can you do for the budget and what elements will need to be included in the budget such as stock images, icon sets, copy etc.


Is this the most important marketing activity taking place in the business and in the Marketing Department right now? How important is this campaign or marketing activity? You should let you agency and your stakeholders know just how important it is.


Now you have captured everything you need in the brief as the marketing project manager you should also have your details in the email marketing brief so stakeholders can contact you f they have any questions about the communications.

Great show me the template!

The template is available here for you to download and use, we hope you find it useful.

Of course the team at Integrati Marketing Consulting are available to assist you if you need expert assistance and marketing consulting for your business, you can contact us here.

Any suggestions and changes are welcome please feel free to let us know if you have feedback by email at:

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Email Marketing Brief – Template