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Local Social Media Search ~ Australia

The new threat to directory service incumbents, local social media search.

It is indeed interesting times to be a small and medium business in Australia. We have a very large revolution underway and it is all about prospect and customer engagement, locally!

Get Social, Get Local, Be Found™.

Social Media allows for some great applications and many opportunities to waste time playing games, loading pictures from your latest escapades and importantly sharing them and staying in touch with your ‘friends’.

What social media applications like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, allow is access to your local niche of friends and associates.

The really important thing about these applications is that they are easy to use and available on many different platforms like the iPad, Laptops, PCs and most importantly Mobile devices like your flashy new iPhone 4!

So, the old story of “letting your fingers do the walking” is even more true today than ever.

The thing is that you can now ‘do the walking’ on your mobile tocuh screen, which means real time search.

The really really cool thing for people with these social media applications is if they have turned them on there mobile and allow for locational tracking.

That is with the mobile phone now acting as a GPS your phone knows exactly where you are in the world.

This is a great advantage for Local Advertising as it means that you can have really effective local ads to people are are around and searching for a solution or a product.

That is why Social Media advertising in 2009 accounted for over 3.2 Billion in the USA. But the really interesting factoid in this data was that 20% of the searches were local.

Yes local small to medium business using GPS ‘sniper’ like targeted to ads.

I say ‘sniper’ like as delivering this type of local advertising is highly accurate and extremely targeted.

It is a taste of things to come, so the idea of carrying a 3kg bundle of Blue and Yellow Directory books or even the local paper seems well so redundant.

Particularly when you can have instant access via your phone.

This must be a great concern to the old media newspapers and directory businesses, even those directory businesses which are already solely online.

Reason being, newspapers and directories have always relied on their big brands and MASS appeal.

These guys historically have gotten the ‘eyeballs’ of massive number of ‘users’ using their printed directories.

Now you have new media players like Facebook with 400 Million users, if it was a country it would be the worlds 4th largest.

So, the battle for the eyeballs is clearly being won by new media. But not only does new media sites like Facebook and Foursquare have mass appeal they can also be very very Local.

Think about this when your thinking about how to get your business found, as marketing consultants we think you need to act by; Get Social, Get Local, Get Found™.

Or you could just rely on traditional directories and your website alone!