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Follow That Customer!

The Event-Driven Marketing Handbook

A few months back now I caught up with an ex-colleague of mine from Procter and Gamble when I was working in FMCG marketing in Europe.

I was keen to hear what Ed had been doing the last couple of years and was pleased to hear that he had continued to improve his skills as a very successful CRM Consultant and Direct Marketer. In fact, Ed had been very busy indeed with a new venture Failsafe and had also recently completed an epic task of writing what we think will be a key marketing text for direct marketers for the next decade.

Ed Sander has teamed up with Egbert Jan Van Bel and Alan Weber to deliver a great discourse about the evolving world of one to one marketing through to CRM and now the holy grail of Event Driven Marketing. The book came as no surprise to myself after working with Ed at Procter & Gamble. Ed was instrumental in creating a direct marketing program that was years ahead of its time and delivered incredible results.

We’re Inspired by Follow That Customer!

Follow That CuustomerWe’re still happily reading the handbook on Event-Driven Marketing or Follow That Customer! but what we have read to date is inspiring. Reason being, is that the structure of the text further demonstrates a rational approach to understanding customer engagement and through good process and practiced marketing experience and nous.

What is commonly forgotten in the modern world is the idea that ‘we’ are rational all the time (Marketers and Customers). Humans, we think are both rational and irrational, particularly when it comes to marketing. As marketing practitioners we have to ensure that we create frame works that create continuity and leverage technology to remove some of our irrational moments and mistakes that can happen.

With Follow That Customer! the text lays out a logical and practical way to structure Event Driven Marketing best practice and some sound advice and case studies.

Permeable Segments and the right moment

What we really like is the idea of ‘permeable segments’ (Ch. 1 pp. 11-12) and in fact the idea that as your Event Driven Marketing matures that segmentation becomes less relevant and that it is all about “the right moment in time”. Indeed these ideas are important as we move into a more dynamic web and Social Media which is instantaneous allows for great customer understanding and engagement. Being able to ‘know’ the right moment will become all the more attainable with the right Event Driven Marketing strategy.

The upcoming interview

We are well on our way to finishing the book and we will be interviewing Ed Sander with some questions about the book and what he sees as important for direct marketing in the next ten years. We would also like to wish Ed all the best for his year away from the Netherlands as he heads off to Xi’an China to work with the VSO (an NGO) to help them with of course their marketing as a Marketing Advisor!

We will have the post in a few weeks with the interview from Ed and the team.

You can have a look at some of the reviews for the book here and also the homepage for the book is here as well so you can Follow That Customer!

By the way… we’re also hoping to obtain a copy or two to give away to a readers here and we have been told by Ed that there may be a download of the 1st Chapter available soon.

We will up-date you with the next post about Follow That Customer.