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Advertising – why you should track all your ads

Why your business should be Tagging or Tracking you online and offline advertising with Google Analytics

When you spend your money or your companies money on advertising to create demand by changing Consumer or Businesses Buyer behaviour you want to know what half of your marketing is working.

As John Wanamaker said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Well this is not necessarily the case any longer.  Marketing and Advertising used to be the realm of big business, big budgets, big brands and simple communications channels. Creating and maintaining brand awareness through high frequency advertising was the Holy Grail and having the biggest brand was supposed to equate to the biggest sales.

That is no longer the case branding is now quite simply a marketing hygiene factor these days. Reason being, brands can be created with good designers and the concept is now business 101. Fulfilling a brand promise though is another story which advertising creates an expectation but the business must deliver.

Which brings me to my next point. We are now in The Age of the Customer (TAC) and relationships driven by understanding and knowing the customer.

And the way we get to know the customer is by using one of the most important direct marketing and advertising tools ever invented. The Internet.

With the advent of the Internet in the late 1990’s and the World Wide Web (WWW) a lot had been promised with new business models, disintermediation and tracking all your advertising digitally. All interactions would be synchronised with single customer

We have seen new business Models like Google for anything involving search and cataloguing massive data sets, we have also seem impressive failures like Disintermediation has and is still happening when look at the Record Labels and the music industry for instance.

But the one that Marketing and Advertising people should care about the most is the scientific website analytics which allows for any correctly ‘tagged’ link to be tracked either online or offline.

Science that sounds serious!

Wow, analytics, gee that sounds like you will need to be a statistician to understand all of this stuff.

Well it would certainly help but with simple tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster we can now make decisions based on simple measures that most importantly let us act!

Why is changing our Advertising behaviour and measurement important?

“If we don’t know we don’t know.”

As much as I do not like that quote from Donald Rumsfeld  I think it does tie in nicely with John Wanamaker’s point.

If we know which bits of our advertising are not working we will spend them somewhere else or even better save that revenue!

So how do you start to measure the effectiveness of your offline and online advertising.

Simple we track all of our Paid and Un-Paid marketing activities Off and Online

With the Internet, billions of PC’s with web browsers and millions of ‘unique people’ using the Internet we can now measure these interactions through files that store information on your PC, Laptop, iPad, Mobile etc. files known as cookies. Google analytics and other web analytics software tools use these to track information about ‘clicks and click streams’.

A bit about cookies and web analytics

Cookies store small lines of code that are capture from your ‘click stream’ in a site or within tracked sites by a web analytics package.

This helps the site owners and marketing consultants to understand the following;

1.    Where you came from
2.    Did you stay and what your did
3.    Have you been here before etc.

This is interesting stuff and even these 3 basic points gives you insight about your businesses website that you may not have considered before.

The one we are really interested in is “Where you came from?” which is readily answerable in your analytics now or in Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics we can see different types of traffic to your site like Direct Traffic, Search Engine Traffic, Referral Traffic and Campaign Traffic (Other) and more.

We can now be using simple online tools set up campaigns for our Advertising that enable tracking of offline and online ads (test ads, banner ads, paid content etc.) to our site.

How do we make this happen, we will go through the steps of how to track an online campaign in Google Analytics with Google URL Builder and also we will be sharing with you an industry expert site in Australia for Google Analytics which has just launched.

Have a question about marketing campaign tracking ask us here.