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Be Targeted, Be Direct!

Direct Marketing is the most successful when you create a communications piece which
not only captures attention but also creates action.

In the past, this was referred to as AIDA; Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action. Whilst with all theory and specialist practice things become more complex this acronym still works today at a high level.

So, why be Targeted and why be Direct?

Get Direct Marketing - Get Read - Get Demand

Because you want your communications to be relevant (Targeted) to the recipient when
they receive and hopefully open the direct mail (Direct to the reader). By knowing who
you are sending your communications to, understanding what services they buy, or
interested in buying enables you to ‘target’ these customers.  This in effect backs up
the idea of AIDA: your target customer is; Aware of you, they are Interested in what
you sell, they Desire the services you have on offer, they take Action.

To be targeted you have to know or collected information about what your customers or
prospects are buying from you. By knowing what your customers are buying, you can then
look to a variety of ways to increase sales, convert new customers or build loyalty.

Then by being direct, you can achieve a couple of things, which are underestimated
today for effectiveness. By targeting a bespoke group of customers you choose, your
business can create a unique marketing Offer to these people you have selected.

In marketing terms, this is a ‘segment’ from your overall customer data, just like a
segment from an orange as an example.

Now with your chosen segment you can now look at creative ideas you believe or know
will have the greatest impact on these customers. For instance, these customers may
have been with you for a very long time so you may look to running a specific reward or
loyalty offer to them.

By knowing your customers, by creating a unique and enticing creative direct mail, you
are increasing the chances of the letter being opened and read.

This is the biggest battle silently taking place in letterboxes all over Australia. We
are fighting for people’s time to read our messages or offer. The hard part is getting
your customers to open the mail!

Nevertheless, by using great creative, colour and personalisation can all help get your

mail opened. It has been proven that by using information from your customers like,
product preferences, their first name and Offers which match their needs increases
response rates.

Like the best marketing this is all logical – the skill is working with a team that
understands how to apply the logic to your business and knows the in’s and out’s of
Direct Marketing.

So by being having a targeted segment and mailing list you can increase your response
to you campaigns by using direct mail to the customers, this way you are talking
directly to your customer.

Interested in running a Direct Mail campaign to build demand for your business contact us here.