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Making your marketing promotions as easy as Childsplay!

Marketing promotions made easy with Childsplay Marketing

Integrati Marketing believe that great marketing can be achieved by Small Medium Business, we know it is possible, it is all about accessing the right tools. We’re here to help you access them.

Great marketing really comes down to understanding your customer, your products benefits and how your service and offering is superior to the competition. But a little help with creating great marketing promotions in a few easy steps is a great way to help your business speed up the marketing promotions process and planning.

Childsplay Marketing have a great pack which uses 3 sets of cards to help you play around with different elements to brain storm and ‘blue sky’ think promotions and potential activities for your business. The key is the fact that there are over 125,000 different options to create a promotion from the pack.

The 3 dimensions of the pack are:

  1. The audience (who you sell to now or want to sell to)
  2. The Offer (what is the incentive)
  3. The Vehicle (how you communicate to your target audience the Offer)

This makes up the core decks of cards, the next bit is the fun bit. You can then start to flip the cards in order to start to generate ideas and potential promotions.

It does not take long and can create ideas, promotions and you will even end up with a full promotional calendar of events. The thing we like about the pack is that it has made complex ideas simple, so simple you will be planing your marketing like a professional marketer in minutes.

Easy right!

Yes, it is. We now use the Childsplay marketing pack with our customers to generate ideas and promotions at their planning days.

If you would like to learn more about the Childsplay Marketing pack you can here. Or if you already sold on the idea you can purchase here.