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I want to send Direct Mail but where do I get the data?

Great marketing today relies on a simple idea, which is great customer data. When we run direct marketing activities, it requires having up-to-date customer information and their interests or current purchase history do our messages are relevant and timely.

Business today has many different ‘pots of customer data’ in their business. In fact, it is all around their business is a wealth of customer information. The problem can be that this data is in all sorts of different formats, from business cards, emails, letters, faxes, to spreadsheets and many more.

And this leads to the question we get a lot from our customers, “We have a great business but we do not have a database for our marketing. Where will we get our data from?” All businesses have databases of customer information, every single one! They just have not loaded it to a central store.

Customers are often baffled when we let them know they do actually have customer databases. They just have not digitised them so their data can be used readily for their marketing and sales activities.

The problem is that these businesses like these, as yet have not actively gathered up this data from the different databases like, business cards, customer invoices, emails, websites etc, and stored this information in a central repository. So, all business do have databases, it is just not all have created a central database which they can store, update and manage customer data on.

Once we have worked through with our customer how to start identifying customer information the process of uploading data starts. This can be as simple as starting a spreadsheet or an access database to using an online database such as; or which are hosted in the ‘Cloud’.

Once the process of collecting information in the business has started the sooner the benefits will accrue from the use of the data. Does your business have its data in order?