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Understanding Social Media and how to manage…

Understanding Social Media and what tools to use to make it easier to manage your brand in the world of Social.

Social Media is a networking tool that allows for rich conversations by including all sorts of media types (video, images, text, web pages, sms etc.) into an interoperable platform. Or, in Plain English you can access your Social Media anywhere anytime and pretty much from any web enabled device like an iPhone/PC or laptop for instance.

Networking or the term networking is not new, it was popularised in the1990’s but has really come into its own with the advent of Web 2.0 and the maturing Internet. We all have heard of sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and all sorts of new real-time services starting up like Twitter and Foursquare.

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Is my business losing traffic without a holding page?

Why having a great holding page for your new website is key! Read on…

Over the last week the Integrati team have been flat-out working on the new Integrati Marketing site. As part of the process of building a new site on a fresh Domain or website name such as; has been registered for the new site. A great way of showing the world and to start to being ‘found’ by internet search engines is to have a ‘holding page’ on your new web website or Domain Name.

A holding page does essentially, “what it says on the tin”, it lets you create a soft launch of the new site by creating a single web page. This allows for ‘good things to happen’ like being found by search engine bots, robots or more correctly web crawlers. This helps your new ‘get found’ as when a web crawler finds your site it means your on your way to start page ranking in Search Engines (SE) for your site.

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Marketing: It’s about Features and Benefits right?

Features and Benefits right?

Marketing has always been a way for business to be able to look at a given market and structure a way to compete whether this is through a mix of product, prices, place, promotion. This works and works pretty well as a general guide and of course there are many examples where the 4 P’s do not give the depth or sophistication to more mature marketing strategies.

The point here though is that a part of the 4 P’s is how the product is positioned in the market with what is known as the Value Proposition. There are a couple of ways to build a Value Proposition but for me I have always looked at:

  • Segment
  • Target
  • Positioning

Then delivered a value statement which is built on these antecedents to creating a relevant Value Proposition for the receiver of the communications, be that face to face, in media or through word of mouth.

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