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What the is that?

What the is that? a URL shortening service with Puffatude!

Love sharing, love social, we love it tracks our sharing for free!

Social Media Marketing, there are so many options at present it is mind boggling all the different online tools and services which you can integrate into your marketing. We know that Twitter has gone exponential and businesses on the whole have been engaging with Social Media – it is a great way to build and maintain customer conversations and relationships, it is also importantly quite a personal conversation as well.

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Just launched –

Live and delivering to their objectives – Just launched

Integrati Marketing has just launched for the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria. This project was all about getting the Ducati guys off their chairs doing admin and back on their bikes doing what they love riding bikes not paper!

The background

The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria (DOCV) over the years has grown to be a thriving social club filled with motorcycle enthusiasts who are all passionate about riding their Ducati’s. Over time the success of the club has led to a greater workload on the member of the committee to maintain the clubs running including; up to date member information, yearly membership fees, event management and fees and ongoing and regular communication to the DOCV members. Unfortunately, their very success as a club meant a lot of repetitive data entry and processing of forms – equaling less time on their Ducati’s’.

The idea

What if the DOCV had an online Member Centre which could handle all the member information including their personal details, their bikes and also allow for an e-commerce gateway so they could pay their member fees and fees for paid events online?

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Understanding Social Media and how to manage…

Understanding Social Media and what tools to use to make it easier to manage your brand in the world of Social.

Social Media is a networking tool that allows for rich conversations by including all sorts of media types (video, images, text, web pages, sms etc.) into an interoperable platform. Or, in Plain English you can access your Social Media anywhere anytime and pretty much from any web enabled device like an iPhone/PC or laptop for instance.

Networking or the term networking is not new, it was popularised in the1990’s but has really come into its own with the advent of Web 2.0 and the maturing Internet. We all have heard of sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and all sorts of new real-time services starting up like Twitter and Foursquare.

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Are you ‘wooing’ search engines with your website?

After all your hard work building your site have you taken your slice of Search Engine traffic the site deserves?

The web cliché “Build it and they will come” is now no longer true, there are trillions of pages of content on the Internet today. Being found now, and staying ‘found’ is key and will be key to any of your online marketing activities.

If you are starting out in business and have a presence ‘On and Offline’ with a physical store or an e-commerce website then being found is very much like being found on a map with your street address. The only thing is that the online address does not conform to the rules of the real world.

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