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Be Targeted, Be Direct!

Direct Marketing is the most successful when you create a communications piece which
not only captures attention but also creates action.

In the past, this was referred to as AIDA; Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action. Whilst with all theory and specialist practice things become more complex this acronym still works today at a high level.

So, why be Targeted and why be Direct?

Get Direct Marketing - Get Read - Get Demand

Because you want your communications to be relevant (Targeted) to the recipient when
they receive and hopefully open the direct mail (Direct to the reader). By knowing who
you are sending your communications to, understanding what services they buy, or
interested in buying enables you to ‘target’ these customers.  This in effect backs up
the idea of AIDA: your target customer is; Aware of you, they are Interested in what
you sell, they Desire the services you have on offer, they take Action.

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Is my business losing traffic without a holding page?

Why having a great holding page for your new website is key! Read on…

Over the last week the Integrati team have been flat-out working on the new Integrati Marketing site. As part of the process of building a new site on a fresh Domain or website name such as; has been registered for the new site. A great way of showing the world and to start to being ‘found’ by internet search engines is to have a ‘holding page’ on your new web website or Domain Name.

A holding page does essentially, “what it says on the tin”, it lets you create a soft launch of the new site by creating a single web page. This allows for ‘good things to happen’ like being found by search engine bots, robots or more correctly web crawlers. This helps your new ‘get found’ as when a web crawler finds your site it means your on your way to start page ranking in Search Engines (SE) for your site.

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