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Australian Spam Act 2003 trading as Integrati Marketing strongly supports the Australian Spam Act 2003 and initiatives to reduce and stop Spam. supports the development of permission based tools which build trust with receivers of email communications. has standard processes and tools which enable permission with receivers of email from our email service providers, such as:

  • Double Opt-In Facility
  • Captcha
  • Senders address details the footer of all email(s) sent by our email service provider
  • Functional Unsubscribe – unsubscribe in all email(s) sent by email service provider
  • Complaint resolution and tracking takes the matter of Spam and the misuse of electronic commercial messaging very seriously. views the Spam Act 2003 as an opportunity to develop a working and preventative compilation of anti-Spam principles which our business and clients will use as a guide for protecting valuable relationship with our customers, subscribers and their subscribers.

The Australian Spam Act Principles which have been drafted for demonstrate our commitment to delivering a trustworthy service with clients and our clients customers. – Australian Spam Act Principles

  1. 1. Spam Prohibition: only allows for electronic communications to businesses and individuals that have granted permission through double opt-in and self registration mechanics.
  1. 2. Accurate Information: All electronic communications from and via email service provider’s users will contain accurate and timely data about the messages originator. Within a thirty day response period respondents will have the ability to up-date their identifying data which the communications contain about the respondent.
  1. 3. Functional Unsubscribe: All communications and client campaigns have a compulsory built in “unsubscribe” mechanism to allow users the simplest mechanic to remove their details from database lists through our email service provider’s. will work to ensure that respondents that have chosen to be removed from the permission based lists be removed within ten Australian business days of receipt by the qualified user to do so.

  1. 4. Email Address Harvesting: absolutely will not employ any software, or manual mechanic to harvest electronic addresses without the consent of users via a double opt-in mechanism to ensure that there is full compliance with the Spam Act 2003. will not use or allow customers/clients to use unqualified lists which currently do not have permission with the respondents to communicate electronically.

  1. 5. Industry Codes & Standards: will work with all stakeholders to deliver ‘Best Practice’ codes that build trust with all stakeholders to develop a trusted network with clients and consumers. does adhere to Australian Spam Act 2003, and is supportive of any government or industry bodies which work to develop legislation and Industry Codes to build workable and standards and to remain compliant.

If you have any further questions, feedback or questions please contact our Privacy Officer:

For more information about the Australian Spam Act 2003 and how this may affect you please visit the Australian Communications Authority