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Integrati Marketing – We work in your language, our Plain English Promise

We know that Advertising and Marketing can be confusing with all the marketing jargon and terminology.

We promise that working with Integrati Marketing you will not need to talk to a translator for all the marketing jargon. We will talk to you about what we can do for your business in plain English. So that we all know what is needed to get the job done, without having to have a Masters in Marketing language!

Confused by a Marketing or Advertising word, term, or acronym?  Look it up here in our Marketing and Advertising Glossary for our partners.

The Integrati Marketing – Plain English Promise for Pricing

At Integrati Marketing – we work in Your language – here is why…

Like your business we know that every dollar you invest in your business is thoroughly thought through and well planned. So, when it comes to pricing Integrati Marketing understand you want to see all the known costs up-front. That is why we have the Plain English Promise with our pricing.

We will provide you with;

  • We will discuss and agree the budget
  • All known costs included in the easy to read quote
  • All items by tasks or stuff like; email design, copy, logo’s, strategy development
  • You will know at project start how much you are paying and exactly what for
  • Reports: all work underway will be reported so you know how much budget you have invested to date
  • For larger projects an online project management dashboard is available so you can see at a glance the project progress

We promise, that working with Integrati Marketing your business won’t need talk in ‘marketing speak’ and neither will we. We will talk in plain English, in terms small business and enterprise understand to get the job done at the right price and on time.